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Crawl Out of Moisture Woes

At Environmental Mold Solutions, Inc., we understand how crucial it is to keep your crawl space dry. Did you know up to 60% of the air in your home can come from your crawl space? Moisture problems can create harmful living conditions. Learn how we can help.

Expert Crawl Space Specialist in Columbia, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Living in Columbia, SC and suffering from a damp crawl space? You’re not alone! As a professional crawl space specialist, we know the impact of moisture problems on homes and health. Our experts use advanced techniques such as thermal imaging to detect hidden issues. Once identified, we recommend efficient solutions to keep your crawl space dry, mold-free and healthy. Don’t let moisture rob your peace of mind; we are here to encapsulate your worries!

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Encapsulation: The Permanent Solution

Don’t just deal with moisture – eliminate it. Our crawl space encapsulation service seals off your home from the earth, creating a moisture-proof barrier. It prevents the growth of mold, enhances indoor air quality, reduces energy costs, and safeguards your property’s structural integrity. It’s an investment that improves your home’s health, comfort, and value.

Why Columbia, SC Trusts Our Services?

Residents and businesses in Columbia, SC, rely on Environmental Mold Solutions, Inc. Our local, family-owned business has an excellent reputation for top-tier crawl space encapsulation services. With 25-30 years of experience, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Our service transforms damp, mold-prone areas into clean, dry spaces.

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Don’t let a damp crawl space trouble you another minute. Let our experts provide swift and efficient solutions. We work with all insurance companies to ease your path to a dry, healthy home.