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Explore Top-Notch Restoration Services in Lexington, SC

Lexington, SC, celebrated for its community spirit and historical significance, prioritizes a clean and healthy living space. Environmental Mold Solutions, LLC stands as your dependable ally in offering diverse restoration services, dedicated to catering to the unique needs of this area.

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All-Inclusive Restoration Solutions

In Lexington, SC, facing challenges like mold, water issues, and crawl space concerns, our proficient team specializes in delivering exemplary restoration services. We customize our solutions to align with the specific requirements of Lexington, SC’s residents and businesses, aiming for a safe and thriving living and working atmosphere.


Our services encompass:
  • Mold testing
  • Mold removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Air duct cleaning


Lexington, SC, situated near water sources, often confronts mold and water damage. Our restoration services are critical in protecting local properties and maintaining the area’s allure. From mold testing to water damage restoration, our offerings are essential in keeping Lexington, SC healthy.


At Environmental Mold Solutions, LLC, we offer more than just restoration services. We strive to deliver an experience that effectively resolves issues and rejuvenates your space, making it safe from future hazards. Our team values the importance of a wholesome environment in Lexington, SC, and is proud to contribute to the community’s welfare.

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Eager to revitalize and secure your property in Lexington, SC? Connect with Environmental Mold Solutions, LLC, your go-to for restoration services. Protect your environment.

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